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When businessmen first started casinos, they needed to make them glitter in order to draw their clients towards them. Similarly, when some other businessmen started online casinos, they needed to market their product and services in order to draw their clients’ interest. The difference though is that gambling and has long become more than just a frivolity and people play casino games for a means of livelihood. For many such people, online casino gambling is most welcome since it saves them time and money to make a trip to some casino. In addition, they encourage players who do not have access to a real time casino to practice and earn cash while sitting at home.

In addition, the online casinos provide services for all kinds of players and gamblers. If you are a complete newbie, without much experience, then you can practise on tables with lower stakes before you go on to risk big money. There are many others, like live tables and others. One very generous feature known as online casino bonuses is especially useful for players who are uncomfortable about making initial deposits to play. Casinos which allow such bonuses are known as no deposit online casino and as the name suggests, these casinos, instead of demanding players for an initial deposit, reward them with one from their side. Players can make bets and play with this initial deposit and once the cash won reaches a minimum pre-determined amount, they can then withdraw the cash as and when they wish. Except the fact that you need to meet the casino’s requirements before withdrawing the cash, one does not require any other means in order to withdraw it. a variety of free online casino games such as poker, roulette, blackjack, video poker, stud poker and many others are available in casinos, both normal and low deposit slots casino.

In addition to no deposit casino bonuses, there are some other types of online casino bonuses which can be taken advantage of by players. These bonuses are mentioned below.

Deposit Bonus: This is a bonus given by the casino which is proportional to the initial deposit made by a player. For example, if a player deposits $200 initially, then the casino tops it with $400. The amount of the initial deposit bonus depends on the player though game roulette play.

Sticky Bonus: This is a bonus amount given by the casino which the player is not allowed to withdraw. It is very useful though, since it gives a player the opportunity to play more and hence, win more.

Relod or Additional Deposit bonus: As the name suggests, when a regular on a web site with an already active account decides to add cash into his account, the casino may then add an additional amount which may or may not depend on the additional deposit made.

Referral Bonus: Almost all casinos offer referral bonuses. That is, if your friend starts playing because of your advertisement to him, the casino rewards you with some extra cash to play with.

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